About Me

I'm a furniture designer working on my M.F.A. at Savannah College of Art and Design. My thesis is about using music as inspiration for furniture design.

Please contact me at lorijames93@gmail.com for business inquiries or to learn more about my work.

Design Philosophy

I believe that confluence of ideas makes for better concepts. Designs come to life when we discover how to unify diverse interests, skills and ideas. 

Furniture design is very much contextual. It's up to me as the designer to consider the places my designs will inhabit and how my designs can affect the spaces.


Off the Clock

In my spare time I like to crochet: it's a good way to relax, keep my hands busy, and make clothes I'd never be able to afford otherwise. Pictured above are some dishcloths I made as Christmas gifts.

I enjoy learning new things: one of my current pursuits is woodturning. Above is a photo of a bowl in progress.

I am a proud plant mom. One of the most satisfying parts of gardening is seeing new life in a plant you thought was dead. The plant shown above is a recently acquired Hoya.

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